10 Rules For Surviving At Online Gambling - Part 1

Five Golden Ladies Rules to Survive At Online Gambling

Golden rules on how to survive while gambling online:

Rule #1: Learn the game first and then play later. Driven by the basic familiarity of the game, gamblers need to learn the rules of the game. If the players play the game before they completely understand the attributes of the game they are taking possibly costly risks. Even the experts of the game must learn the intricacies of the game, not only the mechanics.

Players should know the casino advantage where they choose to play. Players should also know things like if the strategy for both the two-deck and the six-deck blackjack games are the same (and how about eight-deck)? Can the player protect his bet? Should the player play on the slot machine with the maximum coins, or not - does it make any difference?

After the player successfully answers questions like the ones above, then they are ready to play. Study the ins and outs of the game's rules and different strategies. As much as possible, practice in a game that offers free play, and the most important rule of the game, do not risk any money unless you have mastered the game that you wish to play.

Rule #2: Bet reasonably. Gambling has sometimes a negative expectation attached to it. Players are expected to lose a huge amount of money in a casino game. Of course, every game in the casino is designed to favor its operators, and even the skilled players, and the experts, are bound to lose in the long run. Even if this is the case most of the time, players should learn to limit their bets.

Bet reasonably, especially if the player has been winning in the casino. If a player has 25% winning margin then it is a good time to know when to quit or surrender. Set a limit on how much you're willing to bet. Limit the time that you will spend in front of the computer, or at a machine/table.

Rule #3: Gambling is better if played slowly. Speed is good for racing; gambling is not a race. Therefore, gambling is better when played a little slower. The faster the player gambles the larger the amount money they tend to lose. If the player will gamble slowly, they can maximize the money that they brought to the game.

Rule #4: Choose the best game versions online. Online gaming has many versions of favorite games to choose from. This is one of the best features that online gaming has to offer to the playing public. The player should choose the best version of the game for them, one that suits their style and mood.

Rule #5: Avoid betting on side bets. Side bets, as we all know, is designed to make the game more interesting, but this is at your expense, becuse it actually generates more income for the casino. Players should avoid all kinds of side bets because all of the side bets are long odds. Just stick to the traditional betting procedure of the game that the player wishes to play.

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