Understanding the Rules of Blackjack

The Easy Blackjack Rules Guide

If you think spinning the roulette or playing the slot machine is too random a game to gamble your money on and poker is too complex a game to master, perhaps you’re better off trying your hand at blackjack – a gambling game that statistics-wise offers you the best chances of winning yourself some money!

I kid you not. Spinning the roulette is generally indeed a random gambling game and it’s hard to make a strategy to determine which numbers you should bet on. Gambling your money on the slot machine as well because sometimes, timing is not the only factor to determine whether you’ll win or not. And when it comes to poker, there are just so many rules to remember and skills to master that if you don’t seriously try to learn the strategies for the game, there’s a huge chance that you’re only gambling to lose.

And so we end up with the game of blackjack. If all those facts mentioned above are true for you as well then you certainly should try playing the game of blackjack because it can probably offer you everything you’re looking for – easy rules, better chances of winning and simple to play…indeed, what else could you ask for from a gambling game?

Knowing and Understanding the Rules of Blackjack

Okay, don’t be scared, there’s no need to take out a pen and paper because trust me, once you’ve read the rules or instructions on how to play blackjack, everything shall stick to your brain like glue.

The game of blackjack shall start with each player placing their respective bets on their respectively assigned places in the table. The dealer shall not deal you your cards until you make a bet. Hence, you’re actually making a blind bet at the start but don’t worry – it’s fairly easy to win in blackjack and you always have the option to go for insurance if you don’t like how things are looking.

When all players have placed their bets, the dealer shall deal each player two cards a piece. To win the game, you have to ensure that your cards reach 21 but not to go beyond it. Cards that are over 21 are busted and players with such cards should immediately relinquish their cards and their bets to the dealers. To know the value of your cards, just remember that the face cards – jack, queen and king – are worth 10 and the ace may be counted as eleven or one. When a jack and an ace is paired, however, that’s immediately given a value of 21 and you’re immediately assured of a win.

Now, didn’t I tell you blackjack’s easy to play?

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